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Spessart Verein Hirschmann course and SHP/VP


Another amazing week and not a rifle in my hand the whole time. Spent a very informative and enjoyable week in Spessart, Germany on a course with the Verein Hirschmann about training the Hannoverscher Schweißhund.

A full on week in great company, although our German wasn't as good as I would have liked, and our hunting methods might have differences at times but the end goal is very much the same, with a clear and direct support system for the breed and its future, together with a clear backing from a highly respected association to what UKSHA are striving towards.

I had such a warm welcome by everyone.

The food,drink and accommodation was superb.

Watching what these dogs and handlers are capable of is truly amazing.

See how deep the leaf litter is and also how dry.

These dogs and handlers have trained hard to work in extreme conditions to stick with that one track even with many other species crossing the track.

From the bond these dogs have with their handlers to be able to indicate the smallest drop of blood, hair or skin tissue along the track, to clearly identifying a live animal not wounded to that of a wounded one, it is quite a spectacle to see.

Together with their natural ability to bay wild boar and the drive they have it's awesome.

With a massive congratulations to Wayne Rollinson of the UKSHA, who I traveled with and spent the week in his company successfully passed his Schweißhundprüfung,SHP (VP).

These guys have an amazing history of a working breed over 120 years with guys tracking more animals than most of us will ever shoot in a lifetime.

People often criticize how can you travel so far, and the second you limit yourself by distance is the second you fail.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be had, if you're prepared to listen and accept that there is a much better way of training your dog to a recognised standard throughout Europe.

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