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Waiting Always Pays Off

Here we have a great result from an experienced guide to show Waiting will always produce the outcome you need, If you think you have sign to show you have not hit either lung or heart carefully going into the shot site for conformation with the rifle at the ready in case an animal gets up, unfortunately a second shot is not always on but by not pushing the deer on you have a very high chance of recovery.

Now I could just post the pictures of this narrow headed but nice shootable buck, but this buck has a lot of History.

In 2018 stalking client Jimmy Olsson missed him with his Sauer 202, there was a problem with the rifle! The next evening we tried again, but couldn't quite get a clear shot because of rashes, Does etc. He lay down in the bed of rashes, so we just stayed until he hopefully stood, but we had to leave him as it got too dark.

I toyed with the idea of going down myself the following week and shooting this buck myself as there was an exceptionally good young buck in close proximity...I did not want the narrow headed master buck chasing the good young one off our ground and over the boundary and him getting shot.

What happened, the young buck was chased off the ground at the rutting time and he was flattened by "Mr Anonymous"

So last night, I took Jimmy Olsson back to the same area to look for the narrow headed buck. It was nearly the same scenario, buck out feeding with 5 does, but we got a shot at just under 200m.

The sound and the reaction of the buck intimated a gut shot, he walked 40m and crashed to the ground, hidden from sight in the long rashes.

We waited 10 mins before walking to the area very slowly, alas, buck was up on his feet and bolted into the nearby wood.

Now I was quite sure, if I had waited till morning and we had strip searched the small 8 acre wood, which has an area of wind blow in the middle, we could have found him, but there is always that doubt we might not.

I contacted George Ritchie and Pascha from the UK Scent Hound Association there and then. Now I have never met George before, so I was humbled when he said he would meet me at 5am this morning!

The passion and expertise these Guys have working with their dogs is second to none. The point was clearly made "No Payment"

As you can see by the pics, Pascha quickly found his quarry,


All I can say is a big Thanks

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