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Verein Hirschmann e.V. Hauptversammlung

Paul Smith and myself,have just returned home from a very successful Verein Hirschmann Hauptversammlung.

This year,it was more evident than any other year,there was a truly International feel to our Annual General Meeting. Obviously all of our German friends,alongside countries within the ISHV including Austria,Hungary,Switzerland,France,Denmark,Luxembourg(Thank you Jeannot for the photos)Belgium,UK and Bulgaria.

If I have forgotten any countries,please forgive me,it was a busy,busy weekend.

The weekend started on Thursday evening,a beautiful meal in brilliant surroundings in Schloss Laubach.

To the organiser of the event,Rainer Käs,an absolutely superb job.

Exactly the same as your tracking,top job.

The Schweißhundprüfung was also excellently organised,I was one of the trainee judges.

The work involved in putting on a Schweißhundprüfung is immense.

The time came for the guys with the dogs doing their tests to show what they had done with their dogs over the last year. Sorry,in my case(the dog I was helping and learning to judge with,9 months old) I had the best of teachers educating me as a judge for the first time,Andreas Sudhoff and Sörn Puchmüller, It was a pleasure.

These 2 guys have a huge amount of experience,they were also very patient with myself when asking questions. The track came first with the smallest live boar I have ever seen used for a Schweißhundprüfung,a Frischling,leaving little scent behind increases the difficulty.

Our dog,Biene von der Annaburgerheide at 9 months old excelled,as she did in every part of the Schweißhundprüfung,absolutely amazing teamwork between dog and handler,a testimony to the very good job that the breeding manager and the Verein Hirschmann do in educating the handlers to train their dogs.

At 9 months old,this dog showed the pure,raw and natural instinct that is bred into the dogs,harnessed by a handler who knew exactly what he was doing because of the education he has received from the Verein Hirschmann. May I add,a handler who never owned a dog previously. A brilliant job Torsten,absolutely brilliant.

On the same day,Paul Smith and Anni did their Altosformbewertung,gaining a very good in conformation.

Anni is a stunning example of a HS.

This is excellent news for the UK and also Paul,their next step is work,work and more work to also gain Hauptprüfung and perhaps in the future also train as a judge.

Slowly,we are building a very solid base with excellent knowledge in the UK. The Friday evening was brilliant,another meal with drinks with lots of laughter and joviality

all a little bit worse for wear.

Saturday was the day of the AGM.

So rounds of voting took place,Chairmans report,Breeding Managers report,Judge Managers report,Financial report and then onto the dog show.

The dog show took place in sweltering heat(28'C) and in a stunning location.Luckily there was a fountain for the dogs to cool off.

Saturday evening another lovely meal and a few drinks and a bye bye to all.

An early flight back to Aberdeen and more reasonable temperatures for my bald head,(15'C)and coolness again.

Onto the ISHV Search and fingers crossed our representative does as well as his sister last year,Landor is a stunning dog,helped by a good handler,so we wish them all the best.

We will be cheering them on from the sidelines. My thanks go to all who helped UKSHA again as well as the warm welcome as normal.

We are privileged to be friends and involved in one of the best organised,friendly and most professional dog/tracking organisations in the world. All the best George and all at UKSHA.

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